Vet labeled ‘paranoid’ for political views fights back

Christian Patriots

Charges mental-health screener’s animosity to his opinions put him into lockup


A mental health screener is being accused of labeling a veteran “delusional” and “paranoid” and ordering him into a mental health hold because of his political statements.

The accusation comes in a case brought by a Marine who was taken into custody by law enforcement after the screener for Chesterfield County, Virginia, said he believed the military man might be a danger, even though the two never had met and never had even talked on the telephone.

The Marine, Brandon Raub, is represented by the Rutherford Institute.

As WND reported, Raub was approached by law enforcement officers from several agencies at his home about his Facebook postings. One officer consulted with a psychotherapist who never talked with Raub. As a result of the evaluation, the officers took Raub into custody.

The officers had contacted Raub mostly because of…

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