The Hypocrisy Of “The Powers That Be”, And The Ussurpation Of Rightful Liberty

Mason Dixon Tactical

24 Oct. 2014

A Frein Search area Search area for Frein

Recently, my friend Max posted this about The Eric Frein situation in Pennsylvania, and I decided to expand on this idea, and give some of my recent, and prior thoughts (two old posts from my other blog) on what is happening right now in PA. The search for Frein started on September 12th, and continues to the present (a month and a half later). How long do you think this search would have been allotted, if it was a civilian that had been murdered in an identical event. Three days, a week, maybe? In all honesty, I doubt they would have even searched for three days….HYPOCRISY MUCH? Then, let’s talk cost. How much do you think the search has cost taxpayers? They have shut down hunting areas, and schools over this manhunt. These actions, even though Governor Corbett said this, “The night of…

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