BATFE attempts to intimidate patriot blog-o-sphere by attacking the Charles Carroll Society over coverage | CCS

“I believe that being despised by the despicable is as good as being admired by the admirable.”  — Kurt Hoffman, in his Armed & Safe blog

Out of the entire Internet, the Charles Carroll Society and The Federalist Papers are singled out by the BATFE and US Attorney for their coverage of the immoral and unconstitutional raids conducted by the BATFE against Ares Armor.  Why do you think the BATFE and the Obama administration has personally attacked this blog?


In one of the most amazing things I have ever seen, the BATFE, one of the most lawless agencies we have has targeted this small community here on the Charles Carroll Society (CCS). The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), specifically the United States Attorney listed the Charles Carrol Society as the example for their reason not to provide the names of the federal agents who lied to support the novel decision (that means B.S. for the rest of us) to say that an 80% lower is a firearm.  Why didn’t they target the Drudge Report? Why not Alex Jones Info War?  Those blogs covered the unconstitutional seizure of customer records from Ares Armor.   Because those blogs have lawyers and they have very loud voices.  Why not Cam at NRA News?  They wouldn’t dare.  They attack the smallest blogs.  Please forward this to the largest voices in the patriot blog-o-sphere and ask them to cover it


Ares Armor as you may remember is located in National City (city near San Diego, California).  They sell 80% lowers.  An 80% lower is a hunk of metal which you can finish to make the central part of a rifle.  Or you can leave it as a paper weight.  The big thing is that the BATFE wanted the customers list from the owner of Ares Armor.  Ares Armor said no and got a legal injunction, (that means a fancy piece of paper from a judge).  BATFE doesn’t like uppity citizens.   Even though Ares Armor had this injunction the BATFE didn’t care and seized the customers lists of Ares Armor anyway.  They did this by filing some more paperwork late in the day right before the weekend and then stealing this man’s equipment and list of customers on Saturday before he had a chance to legally protest the order.  We did our small part not to let this intolerable act stand by covering it here on the CCS.  I guess that earned the ire of the BATFE.  In their latest filing BATFE suggest that Ares Armor and his lawyers should not be able to face their accusers in court and know the names of the agents because they may be publish. Specifically the BATFE says:

“…this Court should recognize that redacting the names of the case agents was prudent in light of the extremely unique and case-specific circumstances presented. The execution of the search warrants in this case caused a unique reaction in the public sphere. This Court is aware that the names of various case agents, judges, and others were listed on various internet sites. Some of the sites implied or encouraged violence against those individuals. In some cases, the followers of those websites indicated a desire to know the names and addresses of the case agents.” Then BATFE list the Charles Carroll Society post and The Federalist Papers a nice site from the looks of it.  They seem the age old trick of trying to paint The Federalist Papers site itself with comments from one of its poster and trying to intimidate this blog.


Isn’t that rich. What the BATFE says is that illegally seizing customer records, intimidating a legal business owner and its customers, stealing a man’s property all to infringe on your Second Amendment rights you, and they are shock, SHOCKED I say that you dear reader had a “unique reaction” after the liberty blog-o-sphere covered it.  Is that some Orwellian double speak or what?  I wonder if “unique reaction” includes Congress asking the BATFE about Ares Armor?

The BATFE appears to be investigating the customers of Ares Armor and EP Amory who make 80% lowers.  At minimal they want to put you on yet another government list.  As you see the BATFE tells Congress, no matter what happen in court, they will not destroy the list of Ares Armor customers. Thus if you purchased one, think hard about what you do next.   And learn to use cash in person.  The lawyers for Ares Armor properly said that “The ATF’s nascent interpretation of the lower receivers as firearms “display[s] a lack of logic and consistency, which has created a climate in the firearm industry wherein it is nearly impossible for the reasonable man to be able to operate in good faith within the law.”

The government has the right to intimidate people, use BATFE whores to get teenage boys to drink beer, smoke pot and go on crime sprees, pump guns into Mexico?  And they then have the nerve to say when we call them on it, just a little bit and we are threatening them?   We put information out there. We publish the truth as we see it, and we let people make their own decisions. This is liberty. This is freedom.  That is real journalism.

At the request of Ares Armor we have removed the names of the specific Agents who immorally attacked this lawful business.  I don’t know how this will help, but hey, we are all trying to pull for liberty and Ares Armor thinks it is important.  I struggled with that decision, but after prayer, and calming down I think it is the right decision.   With that said, we will continue to publish examples of government overreach, in our ongoing segment we call the Jackboot of the Week among the many other things we cover regularly.  We will continue to call out public government officials when we think they are immoral or unconstitutional.  We will continue to encourage focus, organization, and quiet conversations.  We will continue to support everyone’s right to protect themselves.  Please protect yourself and wear your Goblin Armor.

Please share this fact the BATFE has apparently targeted myself and this blog directly.   And please buy some coffee, I may need to hire some lawyers.  Why do you think the BATFE and the Obama administration has personally attacked this blog?

Please keep my family in your prayers. May the Lord bless us in our work, and Saint Michal lord of the Hosts give us strength.  Please share this story to show your disgust at the BATFE trying to intimidate the patriot blog-o-sphere media.  Here is the complete filing by the US Attorney.


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