Attention Townspeople – You Know What I Don’t Give A Single Crap About?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot


Here’s the thing, y’all. These folks’ sex lives are of NO CONCERN to me. They’re supposed to be doing a JOB. A job that – last I checked – had nothing to do with having actual sex (well, unless you count them screwing the American taxpayer). So why would Kate “publicly discuss her bisexuality in past campaigns?” Why would folks be so focused on this chick’s sex life? Shouldn’t people be focused on her accomplishments in her actual job? Or the lack thereof?

I’ll wait over here while you ponder that, all you liberal feminists who will applaud the fact that Brown is being applauded for being bisexual (instead of being named governor, as a woman). I know you won’t bother to ponder that by itself, but it was worth a shot.

As a straight chick, I’ve never understood this phenomenon – especially with the left. I mean, I would…

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