The NASA Temperature Record Is A Farce

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Our most accurate planetary temperatures come from satellites. The US space agency apparently doesn’t believe in satellites, and instead uses a very sparse array of UHI contaminated surface thermometers, and then they tamper with the data to produce a fake warming trend.

Satellites show the Earth cooling in the 21st century, but NASA shows it warming.

ScreenHunter_9312 May. 16 05.40GISSvsRSS2001-2015

NASA reported temperatures are diverging from satellite temperatures at a rate of almost one degree C per century – more than the entire claimed warming since 1880.

ScreenHunter_9320 May. 16 05.54

NASA is constantly altering their historical data to create the appearance of a non-existent warming trend.


The NASA graphs are useful for politicians who want to raise taxes, and for insurance companies who want to raise premiums – but are worse than useless for scientists who actually want to understand the climate. They show they exact opposite of what is happening to the climate.

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