Visualizing Global Sea Level Fraud – Part 2

Real Science

The University of Colorado shows sea level rising at a steady rate of 3.3 mm/year, which is a higher rate than 84% of tide gauges report

ScreenHunter_9168 May. 11 05.56

But they didn’t always show that. In 2004, they showed the rate of sea level rise as 2.8 mm/year

ScreenHunter_9162 May. 11 05.38sl_cu2004_rel1.2.pdf

Overlaying the two graphs (of the same data sets) you can see that they don’t look anything like each other. In the old graph, there was a trough in 1997, and in the new graph there is a peak that year.

ScreenHunter_9169 May. 11 06.10

The next animation shows how their published data set has changed since 2004.


2004 : sl_ib_ns_cu2004_rel1.2_global.txt

2015 : 2015_rel2/sl_ns_global.txt

The next graph shows the changes made to the data. They added an extra 10 mm of sea level rise from 1993 to 2004.

ScreenHunter_9167 May. 11 05.53

As with every other US government funded climate data set, the data is continuously being altered to create the case for imaginary global…

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