Why Patriots Can Win


We patriots can win because :

  • Government is largely fixed installations. Patton: “Fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidity of man.”  If our government forces war upon us, it will learn that fixed installations are very vulnerable in any insurgency.  Buildings will burn down, electric grids will fail, government will look impotent from the first stage of insurgency.
  • Government is on the wrong side of the bet with human ingenuity. Even if all your employees were allowed to be ingenious by changing rules and regulations, wanted to be ingenious and were incented to be ingenious, there are a lot more of us than you and very many more of us are seriously annoyed. Ingenuity + moptivation –> rapid experiments and adaptation.  Those win high-dimensioned games.
  • We are acting with local knowledge.  That is a more-defensive posture.  Defense is much stronger than attack, and our recent wars say your supposed superiority in intelligence…

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