Cops Fire 84 Rounds at Robbery Suspect, 83 Rounds Hit Other Things


Massive gun battle breaks out during incident

Every day in America, innocent bystanders are are maimed or killed during a police pursuit. Since 1979, thousands of innocent bystanders have been killed and tens of thousands injured as a result of reckless police giving chase to suspects. 

The NYPD, in particular, is known for shooting innocent bystanders and then charging their target with the crime. 

Another insane example of police recklessly chasing a suspect, comes out of Brooklyn this week after the NYPD gave chase to a robbery suspect.

According to the Daily News,

A gun-toting Brooklyn bandit dodged more than 80 police bullets early Friday in a wild street shootout that began with a botched armed robbery and ended with his arrest, officials said.
Oft-apprehended Jerrol Harris, 27, was busted around 1:10 a.m. when a single bullet — out of 84 fired…

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One thought on “Cops Fire 84 Rounds at Robbery Suspect, 83 Rounds Hit Other Things

  1. disturbeddeputy 09/12/2015 / 11:03 PM

    One of our former range instructors for the department used to throw firecrackers at our feet and sometimes shot us with an Airsoft gun while we were training. That was back in the day, and now we use Simunitions for force on force. Old style range training does NOT incorporate the adrenaline rush, tunnel vision, and confusion that destroy the shooter’s accuracy. Very few departments train with any realism; hence stories like this.

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