Historic “Militia Moment”: PPN and Oath Keepers call on FBI

The Tactical Hermit

I think this was a  very smart move by the leadership of these organizations to open up a line of communication with the Govt. It goes a long way in establishing LEGITMACY for what they are doing. Some good questions are asked in the below bolded paragraph BTW. -SF


Note from Stewart Rhodes, Founder and President of Oath Keepers:

See the below video.  Very interesting interaction between the Pacific Patriot Network (PPN) leadership delegation and the FBI (who were all kitted out with rifles, plate carriers, and chest rigs).

Among the PPN leaders are Brandon Curtiss, the founder of the Idaho III%; Brandon Rapolla, the Oregon Oath Keepers state CPT Coordinator; and Joseph Rice, the leader of the Josephine County, OR chapter of Oath Keepers (site of the Sugar Pine Mine operation this last year).   They are doing this under the banner of the Pacific Patriot Network, which is a…

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