Time to choose! Conservatism Inc. vs. regular working Americans

American Resistance 2016!

There is so much commentary about the National Review’s special edition ‘Against Trump’ that I couldn’t possibly summarize it all.


However, here is a bit from one of those Americans (an undocumented one!) Mark Steyn that pretty much sums up where I am on the issue (the only issue that matters!).  Steyn says Trump’s critics invoke ‘Ronald Reagan’ but:

The past is another country, and the Chamber of Commerce Republicans gave it away. Reagan’s California no longer exists. And, if America as a whole takes on the demographics of California, then “the conservative movement” will no longer exist. That’s why, for many voters, re-asserting America’s borders is the first, necessary condition for anything else – and it took Trump to put that on the table.

I looked at the list of supposed conservative ‘minds’ who had weighed in against Trump and said to myself (and I consider myself pretty well…

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