Black men only: UConn’s proposed ‘learning community’

The University of Connecticut is building a special residence for those who identify as African-American males, as a way to boost retention and graduation rates. Critics of the plan are calling the arrangement “racially segregated housing.”

As part of its Learning Community Program, the university has established “houses” designed to match students with like-minded peers, in order to foster development and to “make UConn feel like home,” according to the school’s website. In addition to houses aimed at environmentally-conscious students or nursing majors, for example,  a new house under construction will cater to African-American men only….

Source: RT International

3 thoughts on “Black men only: UConn’s proposed ‘learning community’

  1. BMan 01/31/2016 / 8:17 AM

    Segregation has been given a stigma by the political ruling class and their lick-spittle media whores. But it is a natural occurrence within each and every race. We want to be with those like ourselves, by and large.

    Are there people that float back and forth? Sure. Are there those who feel that they need to be with another race ? A few (and don’t think the constant barrage of multiculturalism that has brainwashed the masses hasn’t made it possible, even when it is against the norm).

    However, the insinuation of this article is that white people are so racist or privileged or whatever that the black men NEED to be isolated within their own group.

    as a way to boost retention and graduation rates

    Why, of course. Because we all know how well they ban together in learning circles pursuing Calculus formulas (how many whites can be killed with only 6 bullets), Chemistry concoctions (, and history classes (what song did 50cent sing).

    Although I agree they should be isolated, it is mainly because they are a dangerous lot that needs separation from decent individuals. So, it is a good thing, but can be blamed on whitey, as usual.


    • The Grey Enigma 01/31/2016 / 8:21 AM

      The forced ‘homogenization’ of a thing that won’t be hommogenized, is pointless. Think oil and vinegar in jar: They won’t become one solution but, at best, a temporary mixture. Our ruling betters know this i belive, and use the inherent problems in the oft-shaken bottle to the ends of the rulers. The more we fight each other, the more conflict we paeons have down here, the less time and energy we have to turn on them. Imagine what a cohesive society of more-or-less homegenous folks would do to the ‘leaders’ that have systematically abused them for decades.


  2. lisainva 01/31/2016 / 9:58 AM

    Reblogged this on The way I see things … and commented:
    Those that I know that marched with MLK no doubt are shaking their heads.
    NOW blacks WANT segregation? From the scary white people who have done them so much harm – held them down. SMH

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