Leftist Propaganda Forces Police Departments to Curtail Proactive Police Work

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There is a growing crime problem in America. And it is directly related to the leftist media and political campaign to accuse the police of misconduct in case after case, before the facts are even known. After the cases are investigated and the facts demonstrate that the police acted properly and according to their training, the media and politicians often still blame the police in spite of the exculpatory facts and evidence.  All too often these calumnies have created a false and negative impression in the collective public opinion, and this sometimes leads to rioting by disaffected youth.  And families of criminals who were shot or otherwise injured justifiably when they attacked police officers, emboldened and encouraged by the media fiction wind up suing police departments. Sometimes cities settle with the families even though the police were not at fault, just to get the case out of the news.


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2 thoughts on “Leftist Propaganda Forces Police Departments to Curtail Proactive Police Work

  1. topcat1957 04/10/2016 / 3:59 PM

    A police officer wrote an article summarizing the effect of all the false charges against police. Police officers are understandably reticent to stop and talk to suspicious characters under some circumstances as their intentions may be called into question and leave them open to charges of racial profiling or racism.

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