TSA: Taking Pictures Of Our Dogs Is Illegal!

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tsak9 I’m told that this picture is very illegal.  TSA K-9 handler at JFK T1 immediately before ordering me to stop taking pictures.

On Friday, I flew out of New York’s JFK T1 after experiencing what was the longest airport security line I have ever seen. It literally stretched from the zig-zag queue at the center of the terminal to the far end of the terminal, and then around the corner. The TSA, of course, knows that terrorists now target security lines, rather than airplanes, and doesn’t seem to care that they are putting us at risk, but I digress.

After finally reaching the front of the queue, I spotted, for the first time, the TSA’s new experiment with bomb-sniffing dogs. Interested in finally seeing the TSA put a far better solution in place for the detection of non-metallic explosives than the body scanners, I snapped a few pictures…

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One thought on “TSA: Taking Pictures Of Our Dogs Is Illegal!

  1. Rifleman III 04/25/2016 / 10:19 AM

    The TSA guy was yanking somebody’s chain. Handler must have been moving like Step N. Fetchit.

    Two years ago, I happened to be at a location where Customs was training their dogs. I stopped and offered my Hummer, and told them that I had just transported firearms and ammunition, let the dogs sniff a real car and not a training car that the smell once a week. I offered to place my hands behind my back while the dogs worked so the dogs can see a real person in rear cuff position. The trainers and handlers thanked me, but the munitions dogs were not there that day, these were narcotics dogs. I offered for them to hide something and let the dogs find it, but they smiled, thanked me, and declined the opportunity. On duty years ago, one particular Transit dog, used to seek me out at ECAB (Early Case Assessment Bureau), and the dog would fall asleep with his chin covering my feet, and snore. He was allegedly an aggressive and stressed out, dog. In uniform or in plainclothes, that dog always found me, and would curl at my feet. I used to ask, maybe my feet smell (?), but the handler said, no, it was a good thing. The dog knew a friend was there and the dog felt safe.

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