Gregory Hood’s Waking Up from the American Dream


Gregory Hood
Waking Up from the American Dream
San Francisco: Counter-Currents, 2016

A friend of mine and fellow traveler of ours can trace his ancestry in America all the way back to the colonial period. His ancestors’ bones are interred in an old neighborhood in one of our oldest cities. Undoubtedly, they were laid to rest by a community that was very much like themselves, a European one. But were you to visit that area today, it would be unclear what country you were in—that is, until you realized the ethnic composition of the area could only be possible (until very recently) in just one country, the United States of America. Today, his ancestors are buried beneath a sweltering mass of non-white colonists from the global south, who have come there to acquire marginal economic improvements in their standard of living at the invitation and support of the government. Should…

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