Masked activists wreak havoc during Paris labour law protest — Police estimate 50,000 demonstrators are in Paris

Peace and Freedom


Paris — Demonstrators wearing masks clashing with police in Paris yesterday. At least 26 people were injured.


Text by FRANCE 24

Latest update : 2016-06-15

A massive protest against French labour reforms on Tuesday was marked by running battles between anti-riot police and masked demonstrators in the streets of Paris.

Tens of thousands of union workers and student groups marched peacefully in the French capital in the latest show of opposition to legislation that would allow employers to lay off staff more easily and circumvent unions in many negotiations.

However, a minority of radical protesters vandalised dozens of storefronts and repeatedly clashed with police during the event. At one point, masked and hooded activists targeted the Necker Children’s Hospital – an old and respected medical institution.

Police said they arrested as many as 58 people amid incidents that injured at least 40 police and protesters.

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