Anti-gun Senators Admit the Orlando Shooting Just an “Opportunity” for Passing Gun Control

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

It’s All C.R.A.P.

Then there’s the Constructive Republican Alternative Proposals (aka, CRAP).  

One Republican “compromise” version — which is an alternative to the Feinstein “terror watch” language — will still result in lengthy delays for honest Americans who are trying to buy firearms for self-defense. 

Ironically, the “compromise” language would not apply to a terrorist who is being investigated for purchasing fertilizer, renting a Ryder truck and posting statements about blowing up federal buildings.

It only demonizes guns and those who want to buy guns — and innocent people will be denied firearms.

This is because the government watch lists are horribly flawed and have massive mistakes — as seen by the fact that even Congressmen and Senators have ended up on the lists. 

(Well, some might argue that Congressmen should be on this list for voting to violate our Constitution, but that’s a whole separate discussion.)

Anyway, Republicans…

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