NJ: So. Brunswick hit with 3 nighttime B&Es over past week; residents all in bed asleep

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, N.J. (CBSNewYork)–    police reported three break-ins over the past week in the area.  All of the crimes occurred through unlocked windows, doors or in one case, a garage door that was left wide open, and all thappened in the middle of the night while the victims were sound asleep in bed.

“We were in the house all night… we were sleeping,” Taber Billman said.Billman said not even his dog woke up when thieves broke in through an unlocked rear window.“So they ended up taking my wife’s purse with all her belongings in it and my game system,” he said.“They’re good at what they do– that’s why they haven’t been caught yet,” resident Chris Jacobs said. “Some people are careless. We’re in a nice neighborhood– not a lot goes on around here and people leave their garage door open or their sliding door open.”Jacobs’ neighbor’s home was broken into through a garage door left open overnight.Some residents said they’d become used to leaving doors and windows unlocked. There are varying suggestions as to how to fight these home burglaries.“We’re going to have a home security system installed Monday,” Billman said.Other residents say they’re considering getting firearms for protection after the recent incidents.

Source: NJ Community Experiencing Series Of Bold Burglaries Over Past Week « CBS New York

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