The Danube Civilization: Oldest in the World

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Danube Civilization

An unexpected furor was caused by the exhibition in New York, “The Lost World of Old Europe”, wrote the New York Times. Long before the flourishing of Greece and Rome, even earlier than the first cities in Mesopotamia and Egypt, at the downstream of Danube River lived a nation ahead of its time in trade, arts and craftsmanship.


Many American specialized issues and daily newspapers point out that, during its efflorescence the “Old European” civilization had been one of the most advanced cultures in the world. In 1972, near Varna (Bulgaria) was discovered the Varna Necropolis and its priceless Chalcolithic treasure. Also in the Durankulak complex, which is a Neolithic settlement with 1200 graves was excavated the biggest prehistoric treasure in southeast Europe.

The people on the northwest Black Sea coast were a highly developed community, its traditions merging with the heritage of the Thracian ethno-cultural community and later the Ancient Greek…

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