Attractive Older White TV Anchor Wendy Bell Suing Over Termination for “Racist” Facebook Post


wendy bell2

Saboteur’s first post on Wendy Bell’s firing was published on March 31. She lost her job on TV because she wrote a “racist” essay about black criminality on her Facebook page.

It didn’t take her long to file a lawsuit alleging that she was fired because she’s white.

As I wrote on the 31st, a white woman was fired for telling the truth about the Negro on Facebook.

May Wendy win a big legal victory against political correctness.

Daily Mail

A former anchorwoman is suing a Pittsburgh TV station after they fired her for making racist comments on Facebook about a deadly mass shooting.

WTAE severed ties with Wendy Bell on March 30 following her controversial post about an ambush that left five people – including a pregnant woman and her unborn child – dead.

But the award-winning journalist insists she was only let go…

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