Apparently black lives matter more than most

Traversing the Hockey-Stick


In the social commentary vein that I’ve been posting lately, here’s another slice of Social Justice Idiocy.

I don’t know if you know – or care (you should) – but the university of missouri has turned from a place of learning into a hotbed of social justice wangst. Here’s the breakdown about why you should be angry:

A male student – black – may or may not have been called a n**ger by some random passersby on his way to/from class. Since everything that happens to anybody anywhere is entirely the fault of the university (obviously, how could it not be, right?) this young black man decided to go on a hunger strike until the university saw fit to see to his demands that the administration resign over his oppression.

They did. Incredibly, they caved.

There’s just one catch – other than the obvious one that this alleged non-event…

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