Opinion: The Time to Destroy Has Come



A commenter at GLP laid out a modest plan to inflict some pain on the (((establishment))). His plan echoes very strongly a number of things I’ve written here that are scattered across many different posts over the last two and a half years.

Each should make a small contribution toward sabotaging the System.

See what you think about these ideas. No nuclear war is needed; no deadly civil war. Just go about practicing a thousand small cuts with the sword until the beast is bled dry.

The beast is on life support anyway, called fiat money and quantitative easing. Karl Denninger has shown on his blog how that can’t go on forever because it’s mathematically impossible.


The weakness of the good freedom-loving individuals of America has always been that we are too busy creating wealth, raising our children, protecting the weak, helping the poor, and just being examples of…

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