Shock! Dallas’ Negro Police Chief’s SON is a COP KILLER HIMSELF


chief-david-brown DALLAS

In 2010 shitstain Dallas police chief David Brown, hailed nationally as a hero in terms of responding to Thursday night’s mass shooting of white cops by a white-hating Negro, ordered a police escort for his son’s funeral.

His son was dead because he killed a cop and a bystander.

Dallas cops were pissed. Who could blame them for being forced to honor a cop killer.

Dallas News Crime Blog

The virulent eruption surrounding the decision to order an apparent last-minute escort Friday for the funeral procession of a cop-killer, who is the son of Dallas’ police chief, shows no sign of abating.

Since word leaked Friday afternoon about the order made by Dallas police Deputy Chief Julian Bernal, I have been inundated by outraged phone calls, emails and text messages from current and retired Dallas police officers.

The general sentiment is…

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