Retreating American Infrastructure

Pretending Not To Panic

It starts as a simple act of pragmatism, and maybe one of ingenuity; but, American towns are improving roads by removing them. It is becoming so common that the news doesn’t mention it, towns that can’t afford to repair paved roads are returning to gravel. Aside from the positive and negative impacts of gravel (that’s natural but dusty) versus concrete and asphalt (which pollute more but are better surfaces), returning to gravel is a retreat inspired by insufficient finances.

“the American Society of Civil Engineers gives the country’s roads a D grade” – Wired

Signs of an improving economy would suggest an improving infrastructure; but evidently that’s not the case in rural areas. More than half the states in the United States have unpaved roads. While that may be an affordable option for roads, such options aren’t as readily available for other types of infrastructure like bridges, dams, and…

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One thought on “Retreating American Infrastructure

  1. selahministries2015 07/13/2016 / 5:14 AM

    This is planned – it’s Agenda 21. The idea is to get everyone eventually into these huge cities. If you are paying property taxes stand up to your local town council and demand they maintain the roads.


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