The Religion of Egalitarianism-Part 1

Traditionalist Thoughts

Yesterday, Iowa politician Steve King sparked controversy at the RNC by stating the historical fact that white people created most of Western Civilization. Somehow, somewhere along the way, it became racist to tell the truth about history. Leftists were quick to call King a “white supremacist”, ignoring the fact that he was simply defending himself against an anti-white racist complaining about “old white men”. As Steve Sailor said in his blog, this was an “emperor has no clothes” moment. Everyone on that panel knows what King said was true, yet they acted outraged nonetheless. It still blows my mind that what King said, which was respectful in tone and not derogatory to anyone, is called racist. It just proves the word has no meaning anymore. Using this story as a starting point, I want to explore how radical egalitarianism, or what I call Leftism, has become a religion.

It should be…

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