Dutch Riot Over Forced Settlement of Muslims in Their Small Town (Video)


dutch protest video shot

This is an older video, but I don’t believe it’s been posted on this site before. It shows city officials rather surprised at the rioting by angry white Dutch citizens who are protesting the large number of “refugees” in their town. They’re willing to fight for their traditional lifestyle. The violence is actually very inspiring to watch.

Published on Jan 15, 2016

Dutch come in protest against the fact that, against the will of the people and without the participation of the people in the decision to overflooded their country with Muslims migrants
Bron video : Nederlandse publieke Omroep Gelderland

With only 17,000 views, the response of the Dutch deserves wider viewership.

Some youtube comments:

Another town doomed……..fuck political correctness. These immigrants bring nothing but their fucked up religion and contribute nothing to the economy

ehm, the protest, though destructive, had it’s effect, the town didn’t open a refugee…

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