Encouraging Family ‘Relations’ and Removing Ancestral Bonds

News For The Blind


You must have noticed the encouragement of unhealthy ‘family relations’ somewhere lately. We are being inundated with this new freaky rising ‘norm’.

Our Women’s magazines are full of the new ‘genetic sexual attraction’ affecting reacquainted family members who were separated mostly through adoptions, giving women a sorrowful view of this perversion, whilst their erotic fiction brings these tales an illicit sexy edge to the subject. The television then gives us show after show of incestuous Image result for game of thrones twincestrelationships to curl up to at night and watch as a couple, often showing sexually intimate scenes. Then private time for our men comes; scrolling through pornhub, our men click on titles like, ‘hot stepmum and stepson fuck’. Swap around the name ‘mum’ and ‘son’ for other ‘family members’ and the word ‘step’ for ‘real’, and you may have covered at least half the porn on every adult site. I will take this opportunity to…

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