3D-Printed Gun Files Aren’t Free Speech, Court Rules


The Liberator 3D-Printed Gun

Defense Distributed

The Liberator 3D-Printed Gun

The files that create this gun are at the center of this case.

The first two protections in the U.S. Bill of Rights guarantee freedom of speech and a right to bear arms, respectively. But what about when those collide?

The founders who wrote it likely never imagined a world where that freedom of speech would apply to electronically encoded files on computers, nor could they have pictured a day when those same files could be used to tell a machine to print, on demand, a pistol. (The Founders also, likely, didn’t foresee militia systems falling out of use).

Yet we now live in a world where the files to print a gun exist, and people have indeed printed guns. Is this an activity the constitution protects?

Decidedly no, according to a ruling handed down earlier this week from the 5th Circuit Court…

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