Effeminism’ and the War on Boys



Today I’m coining a new term: effeminists. These are misguided (if not malicious) women who have an agenda to emasculate men and erase masculinity from our culture. They have progressed beyond “feminism” and into “effemininazation” of what historically and culturally had always been sacrosanct: little boys being nurtured and encouraged to develop and grow into well-rounded and healthy men. It was always the job of mothers to makes sure their baby boys left the nest in 18 years and made their way in the world as men they could be proud of.

Not anymore. Some moms seem preoccupied with scoring political points by turning their little boys into little girls and cutting them off from masculinization.

In our politically correct and increasingly totalitarian society, where anyone who chides such developments or steps outside the ideological left’s approved talking points, we as individuals are never allowed to voice any…

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