College Campus is not a safe space for young naive whites. Temple University student {female} nearly beaten to death by “teens.”

Resurgence Media Network

Irresponsible white parents continue to live in fantasy land, as they send their naive little brats (most of them women) off to university to have them get indoctrinated, acquire what amounts to a small mortgage of debt in exchange for a worthless piece of paper… as they attend football games, and get beaten, rapped or robbed on the way home.

Case in point, here’s the story of Christina Lauletta, a 19 year-old college student…


The father of a Temple University sophomore who was beaten by a roving teen mob last week said people “should draw their own conclusions” about whether the string of attacks against students and cops was racially motivated.

Joe Lauletta, 50, wrote on Facebook a day after the flash mob-style attacks that a group of 30 to 40 “black teenagers” assaulted his daughter, Christina, 19, and her two male friends on their way home from a Temple football…

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