HILLARY: a Hillary Clinton HALLOWEEN “Election Rigging” & “Poll Rigging” documentary. ~Enjoy

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Published on Oct 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton: the VERY SPECIAL HILLARY HALLOWEEN documentary on Clinton Election Rigging, POLL RIGGING & FALSE POLLS — click here for G & Nhttp://godinanutshell.com/product-cat…

Good Day
Love you Trey….but yah gonna break that screen of yours! 🤓
TheJurg Profile
Anyone still voting for that Devil’s BITCH must be absolutely Braindead !!!


Belinda Odom
she is going down…and hopefully to prison!!!
Bill Cuthbert Iron Panda
May God help you over there in America, with many prayers from England.
+Mikey Meredith And don’t forget New World Order aka Borderless Globalization aka Oligarchical Tyrannical Governance.
FROM CANADA,,,,,,,,,,,LOCK HER UP………..
Hillary Clinton is paying audiences to attend her global warming fear porn rallies, all 311 of them. Meanwhile, Trump just pulled 31,000…

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