Donald Trump Voters Warn of ‘Revolution’ if Hillary Clinton Wins. Define Revolution..?

Power Through Discipline

What’s wrong with this ^ Picture?

The dying rag once called the “Paper of Record” the NY Times, is proclaiming that Trump voters are threatening violence and Revolution if the election is stolen.

Even though we’ve only seen such examples from the other side, the left is preparing themselves for a possible reaction to a potential rig job, all while attempting to condition the typical Trump voter to believe that it’s a done deal.

One thing I do know, is that millions of us deplorable white folks and Trump voters and gun owners and tax payers and business owners and vets and police and the large majority of men active in the military will not accept the legitimacy of Clinton.

So either way you look at it… you’ll end up with the same result!


NY Times – Some Donald Trump Voters Warn of Revolution if Hillary Clinton Wins!


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