Ireland Has a New, Unexpected Landmark


From MRCTV, by Zach Montanaro

Ireland appears to have a new landmark.

It’s quite an odd sight at first glance: a perfect Celtic cross growing in Donegal forest in Ireland. Passengers who had been flying into Derry airport recently started to notice the massive emblem and wondered exactly where it came from. UTV, a news station in Ireland, soon found the answer.

The cross, believe it or not, was actually planted there by a Liam Emmery, a forester who lived in the region. Emmery unfortunately died in 2010 at the age of 51 after a prolonged illness and brain damage caused by a car accident. His family apparently didn’t even know about his grand work in the Donegal forest, and even though Emmery never got to see his masterpiece completed, his wife said that she was sure he would have been proud.

The cross has been noticeable for a little while, but the…

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