RogerWaters dares to piss off the jewish lobby, gets a pink slip from (((AmericanExpress)))

Don’t make the jewish kids angry.

ArchitectGuy on Israel

Roger Waters’ Israel opinions are costing him millions
by Emily Smith
October 27, 2016

Roger Waters is planning his most spectacular and expensive tour yet — but the Pink Floyd legend is facing backlash from some big-name sponsors over his views on Israel. Sources tell us that American Express balked at spending up to $4 million to sponsor Waters’ 2017 US + Them North American tour…Waters, who has angered many in New York with his support for a boycott of Israel over the issue of Palestinian rights, shocked people at Oldchella by unleashing a series of brutal images targeting Donald Trump…He also urged people to support the controversial BDS Movement (boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel) and added, “I encourage the government in Israel to end the occupation.”READ MORE

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One thought on “RogerWaters dares to piss off the jewish lobby, gets a pink slip from (((AmericanExpress)))

  1. ArchitectGuy 10/30/2016 / 11:12 AM

    How dare American Express stand up for only Jewish state. It would make so much more sense to stand with the 57 Muslim states who boycott Israel. For this move, anti-Semites can characterize AmEx as “siding with the Jewish lobby”. What else is new.


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