The Shocking Truth About Crime that Nobody Will Admit



Do you ever get that feeling that you’re living in the matrix and can’t escape? Every day you get news of another horrific crime… and it’s happening everywhere.

Things are so bad, most people have become desensitized to the insanity and dysfunction that is today’s Western society. Behind the statistics, body counts, and incarceration rates there is one brutal and inconvenient fact that nobody wants to discuss… exactly who is committing all this crime.

Crime in America

If you’re an American you’re probably accustomed to horrific crime statistics, and you know things are bad – especially in large cities.

According to FBI crime statistics, murder rates are surging in American cities. In 11 of America’s 22 largest cities, year-over-year murder rates have increased over 20%. The national murder rate in the US is expected to increase 31.5% since 2014.

Life in Chicago: 12 shootings a day.

Anyone paying attention to large cities like

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