US Troops Just Keep Dying

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It is always a sad story when news of more US troops are killed….especially in a war that has never been voted on…..just last week 3 more American soldiers were killed in Jordan….why they were killed has not been released just yet….but it is odd because Jordan is a staunch ally of the US…..

Two American military trainers were killed and a third wounded in a shootout with security guards at a Jordanian military base south of the capital, reports the AP. No official explanation has emerged about what happened, but a Jordanian military source tells Reuters that the Americans failed to heed orders to stop at the base’s entrance gate. A source confirms that version of events to CBS News, which notes that Jordan is a strong US ally and attacks on Americans there are rare. A Jordanian military officer was reportedly wounded in the shootout. No…

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One thought on “US Troops Just Keep Dying

  1. Jonathan Hughes 11/07/2016 / 3:08 PM

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