Democrat Agenda Soundly Rejected

Stand Up For America

trump1It’s over…..FINALLY 🙂   Election 2016 has concluded and the Liberal agenda has been soundly rejected by voters.  Donald J.Trump is the 45th President Elect.  The House and Senate also stay in Republican control in a resounding manner.   It was so quiet at Clinton headquarters you could hear an email being deleted last night.  The over-confident Liberal’s didn’t see this coming, because their lapdog media kept playing propaganda games and tried to sway the election towards HRC.  The POLLS were wrong, as I have stated on numerous occasions and it’s well documented.

What we learned.  The Liberal media has lost all trust.  They lied over and over and got called out.  They rigged the polls and got called out.  They KEPT rigging the polls all the way till the end, including the Exit polls.  The majority knows this and won’t let it happen again.  Those who voted Trump into office are…

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