Nick Tosches on the Social Capital of the Ethnic Neighborhood

Aryan Skynet


Pop music historian and mafia chronicler Nick Tosches, in his anecdotal study Save the Last Dance for Satan, captures the value of the ethnic neighborhood in a passage that warrants quotation at length:

[…] as the Church comprises many churches, so the neighborhood – I can not capitalize the initial n no matter how strongly effect and meaning entice me to do so, for, here, to exalt the word would be to misrepresent the thing – comprises neighborhoods beyond number. This is not an idle analogy: the neighborhood is, or was, the embodiment of a spiritual ethos as supernal and puissant in reality as that of the Church in theory. As every neighborhood was a parish, and every parish was a neighborhood, so together they have died.

The true gauge of the freedom of any community is the measurement of the degree of equality by which the fruits of…

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