Trump Given Honorary Cossack Status by the Orthodox Union of Cossacks

Realpolitik News


Not even a week after his election, and Trump has already gained the favor of legions from abroad.

The Orthodox Union of Cossacks based in Russia’s St. Petersburg have made Donald Trump an honorary Cossack and have even invited him and his family to come to Russia and receive this award first hand. Cossacks are a fraternity of Russian military-men that have fought many wars on Russia’s side throughout much of Russia’s history.

Why would Trump receive such an award from the Cossacks, one might ask? Perhaps it is because Trump doesn’t possess the same level of animosity for Russia as the other candidates and politicians. In their eyes, Trump’s election can put their heads at ease knowing that if he promises to restore good relations with Russia, and not undermine their interest- then perhaps they won’t have to and take up arms to defend Russia from an encroaching Neo-conservative American…

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