White America – Behold The Face Of Hate And Resentment

Fearless Freedom Press

The face of hate is coming to the fore – and its skin is not White.

For nearly a century White Americans have been fooled into believing that by sharing their hard earned wealth with the ‘oppressed’ black tribes that a world could be built where ‘a man wasn’t judged by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.’ White Americans have afforded blacks free health care, better schools, jobs they were less qualified for, University degrees they were not qualified for, financial support for the necessities of life. Whites have given, and given, and given to these tribes – some to the point of losing it all.

For nearly a century White Americans believed they could build a better world by their generosity to the ‘less fortunate’ black race – while all the time surrendering everything their Kin had held dear for generations. The White…

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