Fun to watch the Left eat its own: ACLU sues Catholic Charities

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Why? Because Catholic Charities, which you all know collects millions of taxpayer dollars to resettle refugees and ‘take care of’ the Unaccompanied Alien Children flooding our borders, won’t offer abortion services to the kids.

If I understand this news correctly, the ACLU has claimed they have “standing” because they represent taxpayers! And, this judge has agreed!

Magistrate Judge, Laurel Beeler, Northern District of California Photo by Jason Doiy 5/20/2013 061-2013 Magistrate Judge, Laurel Beeler, Northern District of California: Taxpayers represented by the ACLU have standing.

The Catholic Bishops and Catholic Charities have been between this rock and a hard place before, but so far their connection to the federal teat has not been severed.

Catholics could face choice: federal bucks or religious principles, hmmmmm!

From Life News:

A California judge refused to dismiss a lawsuit this week that challenges federal funding of Catholic Charities because they refuse to provide young refugees and immigrants with abortions or birth control.

Courthouse News reports the American…

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