Rutgers Law School Launches Project to Improve Homeowners’ Protections Nationwide

Rutgers Research


No matter your opinion on the validity of global warming, the high frequency and high impact of recent natural disasters now more than ever raises homeowners’ need for good insurance coverage and full knowledge of what they are buying. And when disasters do strike, insurance companies need to deliver on the protection promised.

A comprehensive, national project being launched from Rutgers Law School’s Camden location, and in cooperation with United Policyholders, analyzes and recommends state laws to ensure that policyholders are receiving, and insurance companies are providing, essential protections. The project details key issues for insurance consumers in four categories: buying insurance, coverage, the claims process, and disaster victims.

According to Jay Feinman, a distinguished professor at Rutgers Law School and co-director of the Rutgers Center for Risk and Responsibility, based in Camden, there is a significant knowledge gap in how coverage differs nationwide. He says identifying and elaborating on…

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