Senate Dems, Powerless to Stop Trump Nominees, Regret ‘Nuclear Option’ Power Play

Turnabout is, well, not really f’g hard to anticipate now is it, you collectivist nitwits?

pundit from another planet


That fact has begun to grate at Democrats, who have complained bitterly at Republicans’ stands against Obama’s nominees.

Manu Raju and Ted Barrett report: Senate Democrats are eager to make Donald Trump pay a political price for nominating staunch conservatives to fill out his Cabinet, hoping to exact revenge for the GOP’s stubborn opposition to President Barack Obama’s nominees.

But there is little they can do about it — and some top Democrats are now coming to regret it

“Yes, we changed the rules. We had to change rules because we now have a DC Circuit that functions, we’ve got 98 judges, and we have a functioning National Labor Relations Board …. And remember, with now 48 senators, we only need to pick up a few Republicans of goodwill to stop some of these nominations.”

— Harry Reid

That’s because Senate Democrats muscled through an unprecedented rules change in 2013…

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