Country v City 2


So, I asked my sister-in-law (she of the city) to read yesterday’s piece before I posted it. She immediately messaged back with how wrong I was on what I wrote. “The good ole days were built on slavery and segregation where whole categories of humanity experienced religion as a lash on their back. Traditional families involved millions of women trapped in kitchens and bad marriages. Gays lived in fear and abortions were performed in back allies without benefit of medical professionals.”

Image result for image of country versus city

Yeah, sort of. But is that any worse than what is happening in “white” rural America today? These people are getting crushed. Step outside your blue zone bubble and the suicide rate among young people doubles (which is a relatively new phenomenon, by the way … suicide used to be a city thing). The recession pounded rural communities, but all the recovery efforts went to the cities. The rate…

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