S-400 ‘Triumf’ missile systems put on trial run in north-western Russia


MOSCOW. Dec 8 (Interfax) – Several S-400 ‘Triumf’ long-range air defense missile systems were put on a trial run on Thursday to guard the Russian air borders in the country’s north-west, Russian Western Military District spokesman Col. Igor Muginov said.

“As part of the trial run, crews operating the S-400 [systems] will have to check their integration into the existing aerospace defense system of the Western Military District in the north-western strategic sector and will have to hold a number of specialized training sessions,” he said.
In August 2016, S-400 crews from the Western Military District aerospace forces’ unit successfully completed their retraining to operate this new system and fulfilled a program of life-fire exercises at a firing range in Russia’s southern Astrakhan region, Muginov said.
The S-400 ‘Triumf’ long-range air defense complex was designed and built by Almaz-Antey Concern for highly efficient destruction of strategic and tactical aircraft, ballistic…

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One thought on “S-400 ‘Triumf’ missile systems put on trial run in north-western Russia

  1. thoughtfullyprepping 12/08/2016 / 1:31 PM

    Which is Russia’s polite way of saying, “Don’t mess with us”.

    I wonder why no one in Western government is listening.
    Or are they all too stupid to understand the ramifications of war.


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