NJ: Animal “rights” activist seeks more bear attacks on humans

Green Jihad

Bill Crain is on a mission. He along with two other activists were sentenced yesterday to 10 days in jail in an Andover Township, New Jersey court. According to the New Jersey Herald trio were arrested October 10th and charged with supposedly walking beyond a barricade established to keep protesters away from an inspection station in Fredon where hunters return with bears they successfully hunted.

While Crain has been able to avoid jail time before, his luck has run out. Because of his constant, previous violations the judge who oversaw the case imposed a 10 day jail sentence, respectfully. Crain alleges he is objecting to an annual bear hunt that takes place in Andover Township every year for six days in December. This time, however, the bear hunt was extended an additional six days this year in order to permit hunters who use bows and arrows or muzzle loaded weapons…

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