The Crusades

A Nurse With Attitude


I work in the inner part of Portland Oregon.  It is the center hub of liberalism in the Northwestern part of the United States.  Only San Francisco is worse.  I think I’m the only token conservative here.  I accidentally got myself into a discussion today about terrorism.  This other person claimed that the terrorism has escalated because of the “racist rhetoric spouted by the Alt Right and Donald Trump.”   I couldn’t stay mute on this one.  I said,  “If you witnessed someone saying a prayer before they eat at a dinner, or if they called you a name, would you kill them?   Of course not.”  We as Christian Americans simply want to “turn the other cheek” and be left alone to practice our faith. They believe, on the other hand,  that anyone that is not of their faith must die.   The liberals gloss over this and skip right to “not…

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