Globalism vs. Nationalism-The New Civil War

Sheeple No More


I have delayed writing this piece for two days. The delay was not caused by my lack of confidence in my ability to connect the dots of America’s impending doom. My hesitation was due to the fact that the upcoming scenario is so devastating to our country and I find the material to be emotionally unnerving. Therefore, I am issuing a “viewer discretion” warning related to this two-part series.

The Motivation to Attack Trump and Nationalist Movement

All wars and revolutions first start in the mind. And from this perspective, America is already embroiled in a civil war. This civil war can be accurately characterized as the globalists vs. the nationalists. Before these bipolar opposites related to governance are analyzed, let’s first look at the prime directives of the globalists because they are the least understood by the general public.

The New World Order seeks to enslave humanity in the…

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