Denninger comments on Arpaio vs. Obama’s ‘birth certificate’ | Market Ticker

If you remember back when the “birther” thing was raging and the alleged long-form “birth certificate” was “released” by the President I did a multi-segment dissection of the computer file (PDF) that contained same.My conclusion was that it had been manufactured. I based that analysis on my examination of the data patterns that were allegedly a “scan”, along with my more than two decades of experience with scanners, Adobe software and more.  That conclusion said nothing about whether Obama was actually born in the United States; it only went to the issue of whether he had presented a true and complete copy of an archived document that actually existed or whether said “copy” was in fact manufactured — made up.

To this day I stand by the conclusions I reached.

Now, just yesterday, it was disclosed that Sheriff Joe has found the source document used to produce the so-called “birth certificate. His investigators found the birth certificate that contains elements that were obviously lifted wholesale through digital means and used to construct the Obama-presented “long form” birth certificate. 

It is simply not possible that all of the elements in question are exactly identical in their position and inclination (“tilt”) between these two documents that were hand-stamped and fed, by hand, into a typewriter. In short what Sheriff Joe’s investigators found was the smoking gun — the original source from which the elements that were lifted had been cribbed.There is no other explanation for the congruence between these two supposedly-unrelated pieces of paper filled out days apart and stamped by hand, manually, using a rubber stamp and typewriter. It is not possible for these elements to have randomly matched exactly between two separately-prepared, hand-stamped and typed documents.

When I first saw this report I assumed someone was yanking everyone’s chain as what I was sent was a YouTube link. But…. there really does appear to be a news story on the press conference on Fox10 Phoenix’s page with it embedded.If it’s a hoax it’s a pretty good one.Where is the national coverage on this folks?

It is an absolute smoking gun that proves the document presented to the people of the United States was forged and is not a true and correct copy of an original that was properly filed and through the routine course of record-keeping placed (e.g. microfilmed, etc) in the archives of the State of Hawaii.

There is not now, and I bet there will not be, one bit of national coverage (or any prosecution either) of what is a rather clear felony — the forgery of an official state record and the presentment of same as a valid credential.. Source: Market-Ticker


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