More on those refugee “processing countries” (who is coming in from where? why?)

Refugee Resettlement Watch

….For those of you who are hardcore refugee research geeks!

rpcLogoSmall [Converted]I’ve mentioned ‘processing countries’ from time to time over the years with a special animus for the program (initiated during the Bush Admin) to bring ‘refugees’ in to the US from Malta.

These ‘refugees’ are primarily economic migrants (but what else?) who crossed the Mediterranean from North Africa in hopes of getting farther north in Europe.  For some never-explained reason we take hundreds to America every year.

So this morning when I wrote about how NGOs are being accused of aiding and abetting the human traffickers to Europe, I mentioned processing countries again.

I thought it would be a good idea now to bring this to the attention of the Trump transition team and Members of Congress who care about our security.  How can we possibly know who these wandering (mostly Muslim) ‘refugees’ are? And, since most are being…

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