Christmas Greetings from Islamic terrorists and open border globalists  | Charles Carroll Society

At …this time we understand that a muslim refugee (apparently a Pakistan muslim refugee that recently entered Germany) living in Germany murdered a Polish Catholic truck driver 37-year old Ariel Zurawski who apparently was carrying a load of steel from Italy to Berlin. The muslim refugee stole Ariel Zurawski truck and then drove that truck into a crowd of people doing their Christmas shopping. The muslim refugee killed at least 9  12 people and seriously injured more than 50. Several of those injured are critical. We can expect the number of dead to increase. We can expect similar attacks in the future. Globalist say that increased number of muslims have nothing to do with an increasing amount of violence tied to political islam. Many of us know better. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the attack. Why is there a Christmas tree and 12 dead people under the wheels of truck driving by a muslim refugee Pope Francis? So, it is time for the progressives…Source: Charles Carroll Society


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